Eureka! The Legend

“Eureka! Eureka!” shouts could be heard from around town as a brazen Archimedes streaked through the streets of Syracuse bare. “Eureka!” he shouted all the way home. He felt nothing but pure excitement at his latest discovery. He had just come from the bath where he stuck his foot in and saw the water rise. […]

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According to a timeline of the history of mathematics by William Richardson at Wichita State University, the earliest known evidence of mathematics is the evidence of counting around 50,000 B.C. Since then mathematics has advanced tremendously. The advancement of mathematics is experienced by school children, yet very often it goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Students begin by learning […]

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Mathematicians create entire worlds from a small set of rules. This can be seen with the advent of real numbers. The world around the real numbers is still growing even today. However, there are always roadblocks that stop mathematicians dead in their tracks. For example, in the real numbers, there is no solution to because […]

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Topological Twists: The Möbius Strip

The Möbius strip is a curious object.The strip was discovered simultaneously and independently by German mathematicians August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann Benedict Listing. Möbius took the concept farther than Listing by exploring the properties of this strip. Let us discuss some of these properties.     If you happen to have a ribbon or something […]

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Topological Data Analysis part 1

Data is a large part of our everyday lives. We personally take in all kinds of data everyday. Things such as weather, political polls, meal costs, and much much more make up most of our daily lives. Companies collect data as well. Medical, consumer, weather, and other kinds of data have been collected for years. […]

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