Coordinates in 3-Space

This post was inspired by a calculus student¬†and will be in three¬†parts: This on the development of different coordinate systems, one with calculus and one without. We are taught in school that the volume of a sphere with radius is . In this post we shall look at a development in calculus that will not […]

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Categories and Functors

Before we begin, I must say that this topic may not be as accessible as the other posts on this blog. It is intended for those who have had at least an introductory course in abstract algebra. I do intend on making quite a few posts like this but I will definitely be doing the […]

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An Interesting Trig Circle

We are going to go through a (light) development of some trig identities by using geometry. We will not get into specifics or prove these claims in this post. There might be a post later to prove these statements. So without further ado let’s start with a circle. Choose two points on the circle that […]

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